Financial Technology Certification

The following certifications are designed for Finance, Banking, Accounting and MIS Students, Graduates and Professionals.

Financial Technology Specialist (Fintech)

Financial systems specialists take ownership of running, developing and controlling the financial systems across an organization. The role is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day monitoring, maintaining and updating of the finance systems, as well as contributing to the development and implementation of new systems and control frameworks.

Digital Economy Professional

A digital economy professional is a person who advise and formulate and roll out comprehensive digital strategies, with the purpose of introducing and adopting technologies, infrastructures, business models and institutional frameworks that will drive productive development.

Digital Payment Professional

A digital payment processing specialist is responsible for delivering professional, accurate, and timely service including contact handling, payment processing, risk work and incident handling for online customers. This individual is a fantastic communicator with solid industry knowledge which enables them to assist customers and adhere to defined Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

Wealth Management Professional

A Wealth Management Professional will provide client service management support to our clients and operational support to sales teams in the implementation of new client accounts, trade execution, liquidity management and ongoing maintenance of existing clients.

Competitive Intelligence Analyst

Competitive intelligence analysts are responsible for monitoring and reporting on industry and technical developments. They combine research and analytical skills to predict the likely actions of competitors and model scenarios based on possible different options undertaken by competitors. They must also be able to analyze and model impacts of competitor offerings on the company’s goods and services. Competitive intelligence analysts are responsible for producing written reports and communicating the information and recommendations across the business. The work that they do assists the company with making effective strategic decisions to improve competitiveness, expand market share and improve product market fit.

Data Visualization Specialist

Data visualization specialists also act as a bridge between traditional financial & corporate reporting and the technology interfaces that are increasingly used to access and present this information. Specialists can be involved with creation and maintenance of reports as well as providing an advisory and support role to the business to ensure the most accessible presentation of information. They may also be required to develop simple and intuitive solutions for dashboards and self-serve analytics for use across the business.